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Friend’s as you know that there are thousands of sites or online guru’s available who claims that they will help you out to make income within short span of time. Trust me,with my past experience ,i can assure you that they are scamming you.nothing else i can say about this.iam not saying you can make money can!! But that requires a bit of time and effort and patience. Trust me if you can show patience ,you can make moneu easily.may be today ,may be tomorrow but assurely you will.

So Here are few money making tips and tricks that iam going to share with you all guys. Just try to follow them and see results within a few weeks.


affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but a platform where you can sell your own products as a vendor or you can promote others (Vendor’s Product) online.You will get some percent (35%75%) of comission on a product,when some user buy product through your affiliate link,depending upon the commission set by the vendor itself.

The most fascinating thing in  affiliate marketing is that we don’t have to create our own niche or products, or we don’t require to give any customer support.


All thing that matters is simply to pick a profitable niche and start promoting it and earn a commission anytime a sale is made through our affiliate link. Now a days,Affiliate marketing is one of the most fastest growing network in order to make money online.



If you ask me the most effective money making tips or tricks,i will assurely recommend you to create your own blogs or any ecommerce based website.

make money using blogs

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Also as a blogger you could create quality content,posts,drive traffic and make money.Only thing matters is how much innovative you are and how good you can present youself to others using blog. Famous blogging site is Blogger itself. Go and create a free account here and keep creating new post daily and sharing them.


data entry jobs

Although many of you are aware of online form filling (Data Entry Jobs) and survey jobs already but than also i would like to emphasis upon these hot going topics. I know you might be thinking that you have been scammed by these site or these are fraud sites whic steals your money and wont paid you a dime.But the sites that iam going to share with you are 100% genuine,tested and you could easily make money using hem.
There are many reputaed companies there in market that provides legitimate data entry or online survey jobs using which you can indeed make some profit within a few weeks.
You can Go through here to find some of the data entry jobs and online survey jobs.


freelancing jobs

For Most of you peoples who are pretty good at Article writing/journalism skills or having sound knowledge in IT/software than freelancing is a best opportunity and a a lucrative source of secondary income for all of you.

You dont need to join a company physically in order to start your work. You can do it from the comfort of your home eaily.Many IT/Marketing Firms looking to outsource their jobs. This is where freelancing comes in place and can prove to be a gold mine for those who are very serious and passionate in making income can spend ateast 5-8 hours a day as a free lancer and make good income for yourself dn your family.

All you required need is a computer/Laptop with a good Internet connection and that hunger to build up clients.
For all of you who are just starting as a freelancer i recommend FIVERR because its the best freelancing workplace for those who just begun their journey and initially you can get upto 5$ (Minimum Amount) for doing work.You can increase the amount latter depending upon your skills and experience.

yogesh raghavHi,Iam Yogesh Raghav from India.Iam a web developer and Internet Marketer from India.I love building websites which is my profession and internet marketing is my passion.

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